Thomian Wildlife Society renovates neglected Yala Park dormitory

by Panadura group correspondent - Kapila Somaratne

The students of the Wildlife Society of S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia renovated the neglected building of the Wana Niwahana dormitory in the Yala National Park.

This will enable wildlife enthusiasts to spend the day and night while visiting the Yala National Park.

The students collected funds totalling Rs. 300,000 and renovated the dormitory which had been neglected for so many years.

The formal handing over ceremony was held at Yala in the presence of Wildlife Department officials.

The Wana Niwahana dormitory in Yala National Park can accommodate Wildlife enthusiasts to stay overnight on holiday. The students of the Wildlife Society of S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia, who visited Yala last year found the dormitory of the park in a neglected state for several years where nobody had taken an interest to renovate it. The students met officials of the Wildlife Department in Yala and decided to renovate the building in one month.

This project was aimed with the intention of promoting students especially from rural areas to visit Yala and learn about its habitats and bio-diversity. The Wildlife Society of the school has engaged in similar projects for the past ten years in other national parks.

One of their most successful projects was the Bundala drought aid campaign.

During the severe drought of 2001 the students helped the Bundala National Park by filling the parched water hole using water bowsers.

The project was initiated with the patronage of former Minister of Environment and National Resources, Rukman Senanayake.

Daily News - Friday, 16 April 2004